What Software Do Recruiters Use?

Recruitment software has become increasingly common over recent years among Australian recruiters. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this transition to the use of automation and recruiting software has been accelerated. Additionally, recruiters have had to adapt and find every way possible to gain an edge and outperform competing recruiters with talent at an all-time low.

Recruitment software provides recruiters the opportunity to automate the repetitive, tedious tasks to increase their efficiency in all areas. From filtering through resumes to managing vendor agreements, there is a system to help streamline them all and increase the productivity of a recruiter.

The most used recruitment software systems are Recruitment CRM, Job Board, Applicant Tracking System, Vendor Management Software.

Recruitment CRM

Using a Recruitment CRM allows you, the recruiter or recruitment agency, to effectively manage and maintain relationships with large pools of candidates through your entire recruiting and hiring process.

A Recruitment CRM allows your recruitment agency to effectively manage your entire recruitment process with a large quantity of candidates, while building and maintaining relationships. A CRM provides its user with many benefits and advantages in recruiting the right staff which will boost the speed of your entire recruitment process. Additionally, a CRM assists in developing strong relationships through easily accessible contact information and channels, meaning you can keep them up to date on the progress of their role.

Using a Recruitment CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) system will maximise your agency’s productivity and efficiency, removing any tedious tasks through automation.

For a recruiter, a CRM is essential to building effective relationships with clients and candidates in order to maintain a seamless recruitment process.

Job Board

Used for posting on multiple job search boards by using a mass push function without having to individually go on each site. Post jobs to your website via a direct link from your ProNet database. Candidates can register for job alerts and apply to jobs. All your vacancies instantly searchable on your website as soon as you enter them into RDB ProNet. If your candidates have registered for Email Job alerts or RSS feeds, the moment you’ve published a job via RDB it will be sent to their phone or tablet. New applications via your website will be entered instantly to RDB ProNet, creating a new candidate record from the data received. We also offer an API (Application Programming Interface) to give your developer more flexibility when integrating the RDB job board into your website.

Applicant Tracking System

Save time streamlining your recruitment with automation using RDB’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Organise your candidates and boost your hiring and recruitment processes. Our ATS lets you focus on what is important, making placements and filling positions!

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) organises candidates and applicants to assist streamlining your recruitment process. The software allows you to collect information, organise prospects and filter through applicants to find the most qualified candidates for each and every positions. This saves many recruiters countless hours, meaning they can work more efficiently and productively.

Using an Applicant Tracking System is extremely beneficial to your company, agency or recruiting career. With the implementation of this software, you can expect to see a boost in the efficiency and productivity of your recruiting processes. RDB’s ATS allows recruiters to filter through candidates and match the most qualified candidates with their respective roles, saving you time and money!

Vendor Management System

Our recruitment software can be extended to allow clients to manage multiple vendor agreements. This extension provides additional data flow within the database as well as portals for 2nd tier agents and vendor contacts to work with the vendor’s specific requirements.

A Vendor Management System, or VMS, is a web-based platform that will solve many of your recruitment headaches. The software provides a record of all your vendors and their information – including, contact details, dates and the amounts you spend with them. A VMS also provides tools that store relevant documentation, meaning you no longer have search through those spreadsheets, emails or drives for information.

Today, most businesses are turning to web-based solutions such as a Vendor Management System (VMS) in order to remain competitive in the industry. Traditional human resources and procurement management are no longer able to manage the unique aspects of external workforce management.

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