Speed Up & Boost Your Hiring Process with These 5 Tips

Recruiting quality candidates can be hard; however, if you perfect your processes and boost your hiring speed, you will be hiring the perfect candidate every time and fast!

These 5 tips will help you hack your time to hire and make building the perfect team easier than ever.

  • Get Creative with High-Quality Job Ads
  • Use Social Media
  • Be More Decisive Interviewing
  • Consider Flexible Interviews
  • Benefit from Recruitment Software

1.    Get Creative with High-Quality Job Ads

Step 1, let’s think creatively! Looking for a job is draining, so standing out from the crowd is important for Recruiters.

The whole process of finding a new job often makes those searching extremely uneasy while doing so; it comes with pressure, anxiety and rejection. So, the more attractive we can make our Job Ads the more quantity and higher quality applications we will receive.

Plus, if the perfect candidate already has a job, it’s going to take some impressing for them to take note of it – which is why your Job Ad is so important. Let’s not be boring.

Firstly, make the Job Description appeal to your ideal applicant by making it sound fun and inspiring! Set up a cool and interesting application process while not overcomplicating it. Use a motivating explanation that has the applicant itching to start; include benefits of the job, the impact of the position, and their importance. Don’t make the position sound daunting, but make it sound like an inspiring career challenge. Incorporate some humour and show your ‘human’ side of the company team.

Secondly, create a clear and concise candidate profile – this will assist you to gain a clearer idea of who you are looking for and help identify ideal candidates faster. State your requirements and prerequisites concisely; include the level of education, job experience, skills and personality of the perfect person for the available position. This way, you will be high-quality, more qualified applicants for your available position.

2. Use Social Media

I know what you’re thinking, “social recruiting takes too long”. If you’re starting from scratch, yes – you’re right, it’s going to take some time. Although, if you’ve already got some kind of social media presence then absolutely use it!

With the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram you will be able to reach many more potential candidates with the click of a few buttons! And, at no extra cost to you.

A strong company social media presence is primarily used to promote its products and services and to engage a target audience. However, the platform can and should also be used to showcase the workplace culture and environment; showing off the amazing behind-the-scenes content other companies aren’t taking full advantage of.

Remember, your clients and customers today can be your employees tomorrow. So, always use social media to build a relationship with your community as much as possible. Continuously post about why your employees love working for you!

This constant representation of your company’s values, team and culture will not only help attract new candidates but also bring in new clients – it’s a win-win.

3. Be More Decisive Interviewing

Choose a specific list of only the best candidates – do not waste your time interviewing everyone and limit it to those who you believe actually fit the position. Schedule interviews in order of highest priority to lowest; interviewing the most ideal candidate first means you won’t miss out on your first choice applicant.

Extend an offer to your highest priority candidate promptly, and preferably at the conclusion of the interview. Also, keep all your applicants in the loop so they know what is going on – if you don’t, they’ll probably move on to another opportunity.

Remember, the quicker the process, the better for all parties: you, your new employee and the other applicants. You’ll be more likely to lock in your most qualified candidate, they will get to start your new position faster, and all other applicants can move on promptly without missing new openings.

4. Consider Flexible Interviews

Today, you have to be flexible to become a successful recruiter.

Always be prepared before your interview with a prospect – you have to know what you’re looking for specifically so you know if they are right for the job. Come with a list of questions or topics that you want to cover, or an ideal candidate profile as we previously spoke about.

Doing this will allow you to identify quality candidates faster and narrow down the good from the great. You will also be speeding up the length of the interview and allow the, sometimes awkward, experience to flow smoother.

Additionally, you may want to begin considering video interviews.

In many cases, video call interviews are much more convenient for those with busy schedules and will allow you to see your candidates sooner than other recruiters. These can also be used before in-person interviews to separate the best candidates from the rest by asking some introductory questions.

Another interview strategy to speed up your hiring process is by conducting group interviews.

Hosting group interviews will allow you to cut down on the number of interviews you have to schedule and make the experience more uplifting and enjoyable. Additionally, a group interview means you, the recruiter, can assess multiple candidates at the same time.

A group interview could include several tasks, games or friendly competitions that allow them all to interact.

However, you decide to conduct these interviews, they are sure to speed up your time to hire.

5. Benefit from Recruitment Software

Automate all repetitive, tedious and automate your recruitment processes with Recruitment Software.

If you aren’t using recruitment software today, chances are you’re falling behind in the recruitment industry. The use of software allows you to spend more time doing for you do best – recruiting! By boosting your productivity and efficiency, you can spend your day filling positions.

RDB’s flagship Recruitment CRM aims to save the average recruiters 90 minutes per day in administrative tasks. By skipping all your tedious tasks through automation, your recruitment process is bound to speed up.

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