Vendor Management System

Our recruitment software can be extended to allow clients to manage multiple vendor agreements. This extension provides additional data flow within the database as well as portals for 2nd tier agents and vendor contacts to work with the vendor’s specific requirements.

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What is a Vender Management System?

A Vendor Management System, or VMS, is a web-based platform that will solve many of your recruitment headaches. The software provides a record of all your vendors and their information – including, contact details, dates and the amounts you spend with them. A VMS also provides tools that store relevant documentation, meaning you no longer have search through those spreadsheets, emails or drives for information.

Today, most businesses are turning to web-based solutions such as a Vendor Management System (VMS) in order to remain competitive in the industry. Traditional human resources and procurement management are no longer able to manage the unique aspects of external workforce management.

Manage Multiple Vendors All from the Same Place

Why do you need a Vendor Management System?

Flexible Workflow

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Integrated Branding

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Automated Processes


Live Updating

Vendor Client Portal

The Vendor Client can log on to their online portal to:

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2nd Tier or Agency Portal

Agency contacts have their own online portal that allows them to:

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Streamline your vendor management process and speed up your time to hire.