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Next-generation Recruitment CRM that serves as a central hub for everything to do with assignments, contacts, candidates and clients.

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What is a Recruitment CRM?

Why do you need a Recruitment CRM?

Using a Recruitment CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) system will maximise your agency’s productivity and efficiency, removing any tedious tasks through automation.

For a recruiter, a CRM is essential to building effective relationships with clients and candidates in order to maintain a seamless recruitment process.

What is a Recruitment CRM?

A Recruitment CRM allows your recruitment agency to effectively manage your entire recruitment process with a large quantity of candidates, while building and maintaining relationships. A CRM provides its user with many benefits and advantages in recruiting the right staff which will boost the speed of your entire recruitment process. Additionally, a CRM assists in developing strong relationships through easily accessible contact information and channels, meaning you can keep them up to date on the progress of their role.

Boost Your Recruitment Process

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your recruiters with RDBnow’s Recruitment Software

Our Candidate Relationship Management Software allows you to remove tedious and repetitive tasks from your daily schedule and focus on filling positions!

The CRM also serves as a hub to hold and manage assignments, documents, contact information and candidate and client information.

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The Features of Our Recruitment CRM

Flexible and Customisable

Access for Imac Selection
Speed Up Your Time

Speed Up Your Time To Hire

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Gain the competitive advantage you need with RDB.

Stay Compliant

Data Protection
Mobile and Easy To Use​

Mobile and Easy To Use

Be productive on the move with our mobile app

Frequently Asked Recruitment Software Questions

A CRM for Recruiting allows recrutiers and recruitment agencies to build and maintain relationships with large amounts of candidates and manage your complete hiring process. Through a Recruiting CRM, recrutiers can speed up and increase the efficiency of their recruitment through the automation of tedious and repetitive daily tasks.

The Best CRM for Recruitment and Recrutiers is RDB’s Recruitment CRM that is built by Recruiters, for Recruiters. RDB’s next generation Recruitment CRM serves as a central hub for all your documentation including assignments, contacts, candidates and clients. The Recruitment CRM Software allows you to automate your recruitment through the removal of daily repetitive tasks.

A CRM is not the same as an ATS. A CRM (Candidate Relationship Manager) is designed to help you communicate and manage relationships you have with vendors, applicants and potential candidates. However, an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is software that allows you to manage your entire recruiting process from the one place – saving you time!

Recruitment Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) Software allows recruiters to manage, build and maintain relationships with vendors, applicants, and candidates seamlessly and faster through automation.

At A Glance

RDBnow ProNet Recruitment CRM guarantees increased productivity and a significant return on investment

Gain a better view of your business while ensuring continuity and compliance with legislation. RDBnow offer several deployment options and the system can be used “out of the box” or customised for your organisation.

Integrations with a host of other leading applications open the doors to an entire ecosystem of solutions to take your business to the next level.