4 Recruitment Trends Quickly Taking Over the Recruiting Industry

Every company is unique. Some companies serve a specific group of people, while other companies are for everyone. Recruitment can be categorised in the same manner. The way companies recruit people changes over time because recruitment trends change with time.

Diamond Resorts International is an example of a company that has seen large changes to its recruitment process. Stephen Cloobeck, the CEO of Diamond Resorts International, has been quoted as saying “In ten years from now I’d like us to have a 30-second application online and have 80 per cent acceptance”. This shows how Diamond Resorts International’s recruitment plans on changing with time as technology advances. For them to achieve this goal, they will need to keep up with current recruitment trends or run the risk of not being able to recruit qualified candidates.

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In this article, we’ll discuss the top 4 recruitment trends that you should keep an eye on as a company:

  1. Video Applications
  2. Big Data
  3. Social Media Branding
  4. Interpersonal Skills

Trend 1: Video Applications

The first recruitment trend is video applications. 54% of companies accept video applications for full-time positions as long as they can be reviewed by humans rather than computers.

This means that your employees will need to be trained to review resumes and process them more quickly because they are constantly receiving more resumes submitted through videos. It will no longer be enough for every member in the hiring department to have a good grasp of the English language when they are reviewing application materials submitted in video form.

Trend 2: Big Data

The second recruitment trend is big data. The size of the available database will grow exponentially in the next few years.

Big Data provides for faster, better business decisions because it can be used to research trends and market changes in real-time.

Employees should be trained in the use of this type of technology so they can make effective recruiting decisions when necessary. If people are not properly equipped with this knowledge, then it will slow the hiring process and limit decisions that need to be made quickly.

Trend 3: Social Media Branding

The third recruitment trend is social media branding. This means that all employees must reflect the branding of the company when they are on Twitter, Facebook, or any other form of social media.

Employees need to make sure that there are no photos or posts on their personal Instagram account they wouldn’t want their employer to see before accepting an interview.

A simple check of an employee’s public profile can tell whether he/she will positively represent your brand.

Trend 4: Interpersonal Skills

The fourth recruitment trend is employers who hire based on interpersonal skills rather than previous work experience.

This means that training is better than hiring someone who has the same skillset as you. This trend is beneficial because it allows your company to grow in ways you never imagined before.

By knowing these recruitment trends, you will be able to prepare your business for everything that might come it is way in hiring employees or finding clients. With enough research, any company can overcome obstacles like this and prosper in their field of work because they can see what’s coming around the corner well before everyone else does.

There are many more recruitment trends that you should keep an eye on, but these four are some of the most important ones to consider because they can absolutely change how your company does business.

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