4 Recruitment Trends Quickly Taking Over the Recruiting Industry

Australian Recruitment Trends

Every company is unique. Some companies serve a specific group of people, while other companies are for everyone. Recruitment can be categorised in the same manner. The way companies recruit people changes over time because recruitment trends change with time. Diamond Resorts International is an example of a company that has seen large changes to … Read more

7 Reasons Recruitment Software is Essential

Why You Need Recruitment Software

Recruitment has become extremely competitive in Business today. Both recruitment agencies and Human Resource Departments are continuously competing for new talent and the best potential employees. In our ever-evolving job market, the increase in demand to hire more qualified and experienced employees may negatively affect the productivity of your business. The perfect solution to this … Read more

Software Sales Representative

RDBnow Pty Ltd is one of NZ and Australia’s leading recruitment software providers. We opened our HQ in Brisbane CBD early 2016 and have quickly grown in the industry with over 8,000 users globally. We have high aims for our product in the market and we are currently looking for a Sales superstar to join … Read more